We need music more on Mondays to motivate us

According to a recent online survey* the majority of Australians say that they can feel like they have too little motivation on a typical Monday (66%) – with energy boosts seen as most critical early Monday morning (47%), or again mid-morning (21%). Coffee and music are two main tools we use to motivate ourselves on those days.

At least some respondents to the survey, conducted by Ipsos Connect on behalf of Spotify, say that on a typical Monday they most need an energy boost at lunchtime/ midday (5%) or in the afternoon (12%), while there is a greater need for a boost during the morning commute (11%) versus the evening/ afternoon commute (>1%).

  • Motivation on a typical Monday increases with age, with younger adults being the least motivated (77% age 35 or less vs. 50% age 50-64).

  • Those who are employed are especially likely to feel motivated on a typical Monday morning (70% vs. 61%). Men and women are equally likely to have little motivation.

The survey found that nearly all Australians (93%) rate their level of motivation on a typical Monday a 3 or lower on a scale of 1 (Very Unmotivated) to 5 (Very Motivated), leaving only 7% who rate themselves as being very/ somewhat motivated.

When it comes to getting motivated on a typical Monday, coffee (52%) and music (38%) are found to be most helpful.

Other strong motivators include food (32%) and caffeine (28%). Meanwhile, only one in seven say that they work out (16%) or try sex (10%) to get their momentum going, and less than one in ten turns to alcohol (3%). A few (12%) do nothing to get motivated, and 7% mention other sources of motivation. 

​For those under the age of 35, music, at 50%, is found to be just as motivating as coffee, at 48%, on a typical Monday. With that being said, younger people are significantly more likely to say that they are motivated by music than older adults, at 28% for ages 35-64, » Ipsos Account Director Nicole Menezes said.

Those under the age of 35 also find both working out, at 22%, and food, at 39%, much more motivating than adults aged 50-64, at 10% and 22%, respectively. 

* Methodology : These are findings from an Ipsos poll conducted May 12th-13th 2016 on behalf of Spotify. For the survey, a sample of 500 Australian adults agde 18 and over were interviewed online, including a sample of 331 adults who say that they can have too little motivation on typical Mondays.  

Meanwhile, Australian music streaming service Guevera has placed two of its subsidiaries into liquidation after failing to be allowed to list on the stock exchange.

In a statement from the company announcing the decision to put some of its subsidiaries into voluntary administration, the business decided to focus on its emerging markets, branded content strategy, rather than provide any information as to why these entities had been singled out to be restructured.

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