We think we can pick up some share by Christmas: Rhys Holleran

SCA Chief Executive, Rhys Holleran, looks to the future.

In an interview yesterday with Dominic White in the Australian Financial Review Southern Cross Media CEO Rhys Holleran affirmed that, despite rumours to the contrary, he would continue to lead the company into the foreseeable future.

“I’ve been chief executive of this company in different forms for 18 years. I’ve worked with family boards, with Macquarie when it was a privatised business, I’ve worked with corporate boards – I’ve worked with all different variations; non-executive boards, executive boards. I love this business. I’m not going anywhere,” Mr Holleran told the AFR.


Mr Holleran saw his company’s main concern as re-establishing 2Day FM in the Sydney market following the upheavals of the past 12 months in Breakfast. Along with the slump in audience share came a drop in Southern Cross’s share of the advertising dollar from 34.3 per cent 12 months ago to 27.5 per cent in the December quarter of 2014.

“We think we can pick up some share by Christmas time; we’ve got some targets around that,” Mr Holleran told the AFR.

Mr Holleran also spoke at length about the changes on the SCM Board and the fresh focus that the newly appointed Chairman, Peter Bush, is expected to bring with him.

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