We’ve got a long way to go: Ray Hadley discusses his son’s court case

2GB’s Ray Hadley has vowed to become an advocate for sufferers of PTSD following the dismissal of charges against his son, Danial Hadley.
In August Daniel was arrested in possession of 0.66 grams of cocaine and yesterday a magistrate dismissed the charge under the Mental Health Act.

At the time of the arrest his father said he felt inadequate as a father 

 Ray Hadley today spoke about his son’s mental health battles and about the case, “His life spiralled out of control and he started to abuse both alcohol and cocaine.
“His family; that’s his sisters, myself, his mum and people surrounding him, have worked intensely with him since then to get him through this problem. We’ve got a long way to go.”

On claims that  Daniel has received preferential treatment because of his father Ray says “He knows that his name is Hadley, he knows that going with that name is some privilege but there’s also some downside.”



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