What did Kyle do to reveal his generous and soft side?

Often when people go to the trouble of writing to the Kyle & Jackie O Show, it’s not always great news.
With the sad reality that most people are more quick to complain than to praise, and as they more accustomed to ‘hate mail’ than fan mail, it was much to Jackie’s surprise when she opened a letter sent to the station and found a lovely note  from 78-year-old Carol.
Even more to Jackie’s surprise as she read the letter, she realised Carol was thanking Kyle for anonymously picking up the lunch bill for her and her friend. 
Still not quite believing it was true, Jackie secretly organised for Carol to call into the show this morning so she could hear the story for herself.
“It was amazing. When the woman at the restaurant came over to tell us we didn’t believe her at first. I’ve never had anything like that happen before,” Carol said.
Kyle revealed that at the restaurant he saw Carol and her friend looking over at his table and was worried that maybe he was being too loud or she was staring at all the food he was eating.

Take a listen.




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