Michael Clarke reveals his biggest secret on radio

The Nova 93.7 Breakfast team believe they break all the big stories, and now former Australian Test Cricket Captain Michael Clarke has revealed his biggest regret exclusively to Nathan, Nat & Shaun…. 

…and it involves a dog with a digestive problem.

He may not have been fazed about becoming the Australian Cricket Captain, but Michael Clarke was ‘devastated’ when told he couldn’t be the brand ambassador for Mambo clothing – because their logo is a picture of a dog in a compromised position.

During an interview with the Breakfast team, Clarke revealed he was shattered to not land the role, despite desperately saving his childhood pocket money for a Mambo T- shirt.

He told Nathan, Nat & Shaun “It took me about six months to save for the Mambo T- Shirt, it’s a day in my life. Ten years on, Mambo approaches me to be the face of the company. It was a dream come true!

“I’ve never wanted anything more than this, I was so excited, and then my manager said – have you seen the logo for Mambo? I hadn’t and he said it was a farting dog and there was no way I could be the ambassador. I was devastated.”

Clarke is doing the rounds promoting his new book, My Story.

Breakfast co-host Nathan Morris told listeners to be on the lookout for his next book – “Saying No to Mambo – My Biggest Regret”.

With a cover featuring a dog passing wind, it’s sure to be a bestseller. 

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