What happens when we die? (And other big questions)

With a strong tilt toward science and technology, author, broadcaster and comedian Adam Spencer will be tackling the random queries that pop into our heads with The Big Questions on PodcastOne

Adam said, ‘I find few things more exciting than sitting down with a fascinating person and asking them questions.’ And that’s really what this series is all about: smart interesting people talking about smart interesting stuff. Each topic will see experts, writers, scientists, comedians and thinkers who know their craft, helping us find answers to questions like, when you lose weight, where does the fat go? How weird is sex in the animal kingdom? And, what’s it like to save 100 million lives?

And why do we love sport? For this Big Question, Adam seeks answers from one of Australia’s most respected sports journalists, Tracey Holmes, as well as Richmond tragic Mick Molloy.

Episode two asks, how did Billy Nye become the science guy? This episode reveals that, along with his Emmy award winning science show and recent Netflix series, Billy Nye holds a patent for his design of women’s ballet shoes, and that his mum worked on cracking Nazi codes during World War II. 

Head of SCA Podcasting for PodcastOne Australia Grant Tothill said: ‘we’re excited to have Adam join the PodcastOne Network with his ability to entertain audiences around his passion for mathematics, and asking the big questions.’

Listen to The Big Question at www.podcastone.com.au. 

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