What is wrong with this picture?

Comment from Peter Saxon

 – Before you answer: That you’re in it – Let me tell you the story behind it.

Over the weekend, I came across, an article in The Drum by Joe Goulcher, creative director of Clockwork UK, who we are told, was initially fascinated by AI creative, which quickly evolved into disgust before finally settling in revulsion. In adopting these tools, are creatives signing their death warrants? He thinks so.

On that cheery note, I was drawn into the post like a punter into the soothsayer’s tent at the fair to see whether I’d somehow make the cut. As Jolly Joe listed the creative jobs that would make mere mortals redundant, he got to photographers that “take incredible portraits.”

“Why pay for someone’s livelihood, years of experience, art direction and craft,” Joe mused, “when a one-off fee will really nail that dead behind-the-eyes stuck in a threatening liminal space aesthetic you’ve been dreaming of?”

Though sensing the sarcasm in Joe’s tone, he adroitly drew my attention to the vast wrong AI is inflicting upon the photographic classes. Soon they’ll go the way of the great portrait painters – Da Vinci, Ver Meer, Holbein – before cameras would replace their ilk.

The article then points out: “Al gives you professional headshots for 1/50th the regular price.”

Now, I must admit, that bit of new information diverted my attention from mourning dead artists somewhat. After all, I’ve never had real acumen with a camera. That, coupled with a classic ‘face for radio’, I suddenly found myself in the market for a solution to my problem – an upgrade to my facial features – especially at that level of discount.

All I needed to know now was, How?

Here’s how: said the article, right on cue.

Go to Aragon’s website

Take a few selfies

Upload them

Get Al-generated headshots

“It’s extremely hard to tell that these are Al-generated,” says Joe.

Putting aside my previously selfless thoughts for the hordes of others I could be helping to put out of business, I thought I’d take the late Graham Kennedy’s advice regarding battered savs, “let’s suck it and see.”

Here’s the result. See if you can you tell the difference between AI and the real thing?

One day, AI may come in handy, but not quite yet.

To be fair. some of the pictures were okay. Although. Pauline said they didn’t quite look like me – more like what my younger brother might have looked like, if I had one. The dogs certainly didn’t recognise me.

Here’s another one that worked out a bit wonky.

I’m not sure that this new knotless tie look will come into fashion.

Less said about this one, the better.

Here’s the real me…

Peter Saxon

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