What was the final mix94.5 secret sound for 2017?

One listener put all her eggs in one basket. 

After two weeks of fielding guesses from listeners, and with her boss cheering her on, Leanne from Ascot correctly identified the final Secret Sound for 2017 – worth $10,500.
The answer? Opening an egg carton.
Speaking to mix94.5’s Workday announcer Ross, Leanne said “I can’t talk now. Holy moly. Oh god, thank you!” The doting Grandmother will be using her winnings to fund an upcoming trip with the family.
“I’m taking the grandchildren to Queensland in January,” she said. “That’s just paid for that.”
mix94.5 has given away $66,500 to listeners this year through Secret Sound.
Hear the moment Leanne successfully guessed mix94.5’s Secret Sound below. 


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