Where are Nick and Gabrielle taking you?

Nick King and Gabrielle Lyons have created a new podcast series ‘Where Are You Taking Me?’ (WAYTM)

The couple have nearly 20 years combined experience in radio production, presenting, online publishing and print journalism, predominantly within the ABC, and will now attempt to merge their professional and personal lives together while backpacking around the world.

In an effort to compile a travel podcast like no other WAYTM features guests like Filipino witch doctors, a former child soldier, modern nomadic jungle tribes and a cockfighting champion.

Not to mention, a colourful twist of travel disasters, quirky cultural figures and tacky tourist traps.

Nick and Gabrielle are self-confessed podcast junkies and when planning a year-long holiday turned to podcasts for inspiration, in particular looking for a program that took them smack-bang into the middle of a destination, to hear from the people, showcase new cultures and make them reach for our passports.

Not able to find what they were looking for they decided to utilise their broadcasting skills and journalistic nous on a world platform to create what they hope will be a compelling, entertaining and inspirational travel program.

With each new destination, Nick and Gabrielle are sourcing, editing, producing and delivering original stories from their journey as it happens.