Will & Woody listeners endure foul smells for chance at $1 million

Listeners withstood fish guts, durian and sour milk.

KIIS FM’s National Drive team Will McMahon and Woody Whitelaw challenged their listeners to withstand some of the most rank smells in the world for a chance to win $1 million dollars in Will & Woody’s Million Dollar Mum campaign, which wrapped up on Friday.
Six teams were put through a series of tests in the lead up to Mother’s Day to prove how well they could work together, culminating in the final challenge where they were tasked with enduring a smelly cup full of the worst smells, as voted by Will & Woody’s listeners, including fish guts, lamb tongues, fermented soy beans, stinky cheese, sour milk and durian fruit.
The final pair left standing was 52-year-old mum Nicole and her 22-year-old daughter Emily from Brisbane, who were crowned the champions, and moved to the next round to face a game of chance. 

Nicole was asked to choose three fragrances from 300 on the shelf, with one lucky perfume marked with a million dollar jackpot.
While they didn’t walk away with the $1 million, Chemist Warehouse treated the family to a $10,000 consolation prize, and they’re now planning a family holiday to Ireland.


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