Will & Woody’s Can You Hear It? live event nets a listener $20K

The KIIS Network’s Will & Woody turned their Can You Hear It? segment into a live show last week. All listeners had to do is to guess whether the fresh cracking of a cold can of drink is either a Kirks soft drink or a beer.

Easy right?

The current reigning champ of Can You Hear It? is Joe Jonas, which I bet he’s added to his CV.

This time the game was played on The Third Day in North Melbourne with 100 people ready to give the competition a crack (pun intended).

After 13 very tense rounds of drinks, lucky listener Dylan was the last player standing, and took home the prize of $20,000. Dylan and his wife Chanel (who had also played but had been eliminated earlier) plan to use the money towards their home.

So successful was the live Can You Hear It? live and local event that Will & Woody hope to take it international. Perhaps Joe Jonas might want to defend his crown?

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