Will you be taking this afternoon off?

On Nova yesterday, NSW Premier Mike Baird gave NSW workers his permission to take the afternoon off if the Blues won last night’s State of Origin match.

Chanelling Bob Hawke on Fitzy and Wippa’s show yesterday, Baird said:

“…any boss who doesn’t give their employees an early mark if we win tomorrow is a BUM!”

Getting him into the Hawkey spirit, Fitzy and Wippa gave Baird a suitably loud Bob Hawke style jacket to wear for the big match.

And win they did. The NSW Blues beat Queensland 6-4, after 8 years of losses to the Maroons.

When the final whistle sounded fireworks erupted from the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Hungover staff going to work this morning will no doubt be quoting the Premier’s words to Nova’s drive hosts as they take an early mark to nurse their sore heads.

Mike Biard got into the fun spirit after receiving the jacket, tweeting about it before the big match.

Hear Fitzy and Wippa’s latest Origin parody song below.

See more on the match and Baird’s comments below, then go back to when Bob Hawke was Prime Minister and an Australian yacht won the America’s Cup, or click here to view.


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