Sattler begins court action against Fairfax Radio

Following up on his vow to take legal action against Fairfax Radio for his dismissal, Howard Sattler has filed documents this week in the Perth Supreme Court.

The former 6PR morning announcer was sacked for his line of questioning to former Prime Minister Julia Gillard, asking if her partner Tim was gay. See the interview below.

In a writ lodged with the court yesterday, Sattler is claiming damages for unfair dismissal. Last week on his facebook page he wrote that mediation had “no resolution in sight.”

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Sattler, who is battling Parkinson’s disease, has taken to blogging to continue airing his views on life and politics. In a blog last year he wrote that blogs are better than radio, calling the current bunch of radio talk presenters “wimps.”

There’s been much debate on my page overnight about the merits or otherwise of moving to a blog site.

Now as most of you would already be aware I’m no technological genius…the title “dinosaur” is probably more appropriate, but of one aspect of my new public broadcasting career I’m certain.

I won’t be muzzled by the same restrictions that have turned  the current crop Australian talk radio presenters into a bunch of wimps.

Prior to my spectacular sacking , it had become obvious to me that we were rapidly being dictated to … or should I say censored by managements preoccupied with protecting their own backsides…

The facts are that commercial AM talk radio has allowed itself to become the most regulated and scrutinised medium on the planet. Unbelievably, announcers on FM stations are given much freer rein to comment…



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