Wippa finally gets his world record

After numerous failed attempts over three exhausting days for his support crew, Wippa finally holds a world record.
The Nova96.9 breakfast co-host has been trying for six months, to break the record for the longest Hot Wheels track.
The first attempt failed at Taronga Zoo with Wippa blaming the Brush Turkeys, so he attempted for the second time at Centennial Park. However even with the help of Olympian Matt Shirvington running alongside the track, he couldn’t succeed.
But today, Wippa has done it, he smashed the record at Oatley Park setting a new world record of 751.130m.
It all started as a simple idea back in March while we were in the thick of lockdown. Wippa kept his boys entertained by playing Hot Wheels down their driveway, this simple idea quickly turned into a big dream after Wippa discovered the longest track in the world was only 663.298m set in Forster, Pennsylvania.
After setting the new world record today, Wippa said: “What a dream it’s been, what a journey it’s been. It was back in March, thick of lockdown here in New South Wales, I’m doing everything I can to keep the kids entertained, they love hot wheels, I think our hot wheel count is 150 at home.
“Lisa’s dad Dave said ‘did you know the longest hot wheels track is 650 m, I looked at him and I said Dave, that can’t be hard to beat! It came to the point where 2020, as we spoke about before the show, has been a stinker.
“No one is having a good time! As I lay there thinking about Hot Wheels, I was also thinking about that great quote from JFK where he says ‘Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country!’”
Fitzy “No one asked you to do this though..”
Wippa “…and I thought, how can we bring some inspiration to 2020. We break a world record, we pinch it from the States and we celebrate as a nation, the Prime Minister is behind it. It’s the story of a team with a dream..”
Wippa “Well done everybody, we have worked our bum off for this award! For too long, Pennsylvania, a small town called Forster has celebrated and felt safe in their world record until we turned up today! Australia, it’s a brand new world record!”



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