Wolf of Wall Street grilled on Triple M, replies on 2Day

Wolf of Wall Street former stockbroker Jordan Belfort joined Triple M’s The Grill Team this morning and had a heated confrontation live on-air with a victim of one of his scams.

Belfort, who spent 22 months in jail for money laundering, said he has paid back victims of his fraud, but caller Ken Minor was adamant he is “just a liar” as is still owed about $50-60,000 and can not get in contact with anyone from Belfort’s office.

Ken Minor: “This is Ken Minor and I’d like to ask Jordan, where’s my money?”

Jordan Belfort: “The government has got a lot of money they’re holding off right now, you should call them for a cheque. I’ve been paying millions and they’re distributing it so. Anyway listen, I’m not here to engage in sensationalism, so Ken, if you want to call me, call my office personally, I’d be happy to talk to you. It’s on my website, you call and have a private conversation with me anytime you like.”

Ken Minor: “The problem is, I can’t get anybody to answer any call…”

Belfort was not happy with bring grilled on Triple M, so then he took to 2Day FM Breakfast’s Jules, Merrick and Sophie with Mel B where he tried to set the record straight about paying his victims back.

“I’ll set the record straight here, this is a big question, and I’ll give you the most succinct answer I possibly can. I paid back a lot of money, I always have.”
“This year, I just announced the US tour; I’m paying back 100% of the profits. Everything I make in the US this year, it should be around 50 million bucks, and I’m paying off everybody in one shot, that’s my goal for this year…”
“Of course I’m sorry for what happened and frankly I… to me, it’s more about what you do about it – talk is cheap, bottom line…”

The full interview will be aired on 2Day FM Breakfast on Monday 26th May at 7:30am.


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