Women in media supporting each other

Amanda Lee first started the Broad Side as a website for women in the media to support each other and has recently handed over the keys to the site to other female announcers whilst maintaining a supportive role.
The site has now become a hub for female announcers to centralise all our content in one place. 

“…it’s a place where we can hopefully engage on a bigger scale with our listeners and create an audience, ” says Carly Portch. “There are so many girls like Tanya Hennessy, Heidi Anderson, Tullia Connor and Courtenay Davies producing awesome content for online so this is a place we can all share that together and get creative.”
The content will be mostly targeted at twenty and thirty something women.
“For so long I was watching all this amazing content being produced and was thinking it would be amazing if we worked together to create a bit of a hub. Most of the blog and opinion sites out there are targeted towards mothers but there isn’t much for women in their early twenties and thirties without kids”, says Carly.

“So that’s where The Broad Side fits in!”

You can follow the Facebook page or check it out at the website.

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