World Radio Day – Eardrum style

He’s well known for living out there on the edge, but in an effort to create awareness about World Radio Day today, Ralph van Dijk has outdone himself.

The founder of audio specialist agency Eardrum and the man responsible for the Commercial Radio Australia Brand Campaign, has gone on ‘visual strike’ by sewing his eyes shut.

Radioinfo is hoping it’s just a great makeup job, but van Dijk explained “It’s all too easy to take radio for granted, even though it remains the medium that reaches the widest audience around the globe. My aim is to pass on a message of hope and remind people about the power of radio. Especially large advertisers.”

The procedure is not expected to interfere with Eardrum’s award winning work, in fact some believe it will help.

John Mescall, ECD McCann Australia commented, “Ralph has the best ears in the business. You can walk into one of Ralph’s sessions naked and he wouldn’t notice. This will only make life easier for him.”

When asked how his wife and children reacted Mr van Dijk said “I’ve no idea, I couldn’t see them.”

In a Tweet earlier today, he wrote “Greyt radiu can movr you like mo other mediun. Hoppi Warld Rqdio Day”.

To send messages of support to Ralph email him at [email protected]

If you’ve done something special, if less extreme, for World Radio Day, let us know: [email protected]

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