WSFM turns 40 today with confetti cannons and diamond giveaways

On the 23rd November 1978 2WS began broadcasting from a small weatherboard cottage at Seven Hills.

Just after midnight Bob Hughes played the first song, Dragons ‘Blacktown Boogie’ on the station that would give a start to Jonathon Coleman amongst others.

Founding Chairman, Keith Graham, had recognised the west as the biggest growth area of Sydney and knew if they could be adopted as the west’s own station, they could make huge inroads into the Sydney market.
Within 6 years 2WS was number 1 in Sydney, but just days later, Keith Graham and two other executives were tragically killed in a road accident.
2WS gained its FM licence in the early 90’s and changed it’s official callsign to 2UUS, using the double-u to compensate for the extra letter required, but still identified as 2WS until 2001 when they became WSFM.

Today there were confetti cannons, cake, tiaras and pink diamonds everywhere during Jonesy & Amanda’s breakfast show this morning as they celebrated WSFM’s 40th birthday.
It might have been WSFM’s party but it was the listeners who received the gifts, with every caller who made it on air this morning receiving a beautiful 18 carat rose and white gold bracelet with pink diamonds thanks to Pink Kimberly Diamonds.
A total of 15 lucky listeners received a gorgeous bracelet, which was lucky because Amanda had her eye on them as you can see in this video.


Spirits were high all morning and Amanda absolutely loved the confetti cannons, well, she did until Jonesy frightened the life out of her



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