Your station on android auto

With more than 100 different car models now equipped with Android Auto and CarPlay, the option to integrate smartphone apps with a car’s multimedia system has become a must-have for many.

RadioKing now allows you for the first time, to integrate your station into the connected car via Android Auto!

Your radio station in the connected car.

With your favorite station available at your fingertips, car journeys no longer have to be a bore. Connected to the internet via your mobile phone, the new application allows you to listen to your radio station anywhere in the world, to take advantage of multiple streams and to obtain information in real time regarding the current track.

Radio FG  (a french language radio station) is one of the first radio stations to take advantage of this system thanks to RadioKing. As of now, Radio FG fans can listen to their favorite radio station via Android Auto. The app itself is set to be available to the public as soon as developments for CarPlay have been completed.

RadioKing will once again be at the European Radio Show.

Maxime Piquette (CEO of RadioKing) will also be offering a workshop on his vision of the future of radio.


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