1000 episodes of Dr Justin Coulson’s Happy Families podcast

The iHeart podcast Dr Justin Coulson’s Happy Families has released its 1000th episode. Hosted by Dr. Justin Coulson and his wife Kylie the podcast is a resource for parents seeking humour, heartfelt stories, and evidence-based advice on navigating through family life.

Coulson is the co-host of Channel Nine’s Parental Guidance, the founder of happyfamilies.com.au, author of nine books on raising children and, with a PhD in Psychology, one of Australia’s most trusted parenting voices. He and Kylie have six daughters.

Every episode Justin and Kylie offer practical insights and tips (listeners are able to send questions) and a common-sense approach to parenting for listeners worldwide. The podcast gets more than 100K monthly downloads.

Recent topics covered in the podcast include:

  • Giving your child a play-based childhood free of digital distractions
  • Navigating with your kids growing up in a society so focussed on physical appearance
  • Misogyny infiltrating our classrooms
  • Vaping

Dr. Justin Coulson said:

“The best thing about the pod is the feedback we receive that it’s helpful. We love making a difference and podcasting is such a powerful medium for reaching people.”

You can find Dr Justin Coulson’s Happy Families on iHeart or at www.happyfamilies.com.au.

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