Acast is purchasing the podcast database Podchaser

Acast announced this week that it is purchasing Podchaser for $US 34 million which will bring together the world’s largest database for podcasts with the worlds largest independent podcast company.

Podchaser will continue to operate as a separate brand and independent business, while Acast will benefit from the additional revenue from Podchaser’s SaaS-based structure that collects and monetises data, while its extensive access to metadata will also serve to strengthen Acast’s own business model.

CEO at Acast, Ross Adams (pictured), says, “As true champions of open podcasting, Acast and Podchaser combined will accelerate the innovation and democratization of the podcasting ecosystem for podcasters, listeners and advertisers everywhere. Together we will unlock the vast opportunity that we know exists for open podcasting to not just have parity with the data held by closed, paywalled platforms, but to leap forward and surpass them.” 

 Podchaser CEO, Bradley Davis, says, “Podchaser and Acast have a shared ethos around supercharging the open podcast ecosystem, to create the best tools possible for listeners, podcasters, and advertisers. Acast is not only a strong and reliable owner, but also a platform who, like us, works with all parts of the podcasting ecosystem, making them the perfect partner on our continued journey.”