Everything from A to V podcast debunks myths around women’s health

Questions and myths around women’s health will be demystified in a new LiSTNR podcast hosted by women’s health advocate and GP, Dr Sneha Wadhwani, called Everything from A to V.

Expert guests joining Dr Wadhawani include Dr Ginni Mansburg, sexologist Georgia Grace, Dr Susan Evans and more, answering questions like “Is ‘pull and pray’ really a safe contraceptive choice?” and “Why is the women’s bathroom line always so long?”

Everything from A to V explores a wide range of topics such as menopause, bladder health, STIs, care for ‘down there’, and IVF, separating the facts from the fiction.

Dr Sneha Wadhwani, said:

“As a women’s health GP with over 20 years’ experience, I’ve seen science evolve and medicine change exponentially. But despite this, there remains an abundance of health ‘fact’ inaccuracy circulated in social media and by friends and family in the women’s health space. With so many self-purported ‘experts’ in the space, it can be really challenging for women to source reliable, clinically accurate and evidence-based information outside of the consultation.   

“Everything from A to V sets out to take this approach from beyond my consultation rooms, into a space which is accessible to all women. To do this well and with the best clinical expertise, and the forefront of medical evidence, I’ve got some of the best women’s health experts joining me to share real evidence-based facts, demystify women’s health and debunking some myths along the way.” 

Launching during Women’s Health Week, Everything from A to V is available now with new episodes weekly on Thursdays and is available from today on LiSTNR. Listen to the first episode here.

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