Hang out with Chrissie Swan with the ChrissieCast

The Nova Network’s Chrissie Swan is inviting listeners to join her as she combines her favourite things: human beings, laughter, amazing stories and, especially, staying at home in a brand-new podcast called The ChrissieCast – Live From The Compound.

There’ll be two episodes of The ChrissieCast released every week. Tuesday episodes feature Chrissie’s mates including Jane Hall, Dave Thornton, Ash Williams and Christie Whelan Browne. Fridays, Swan chats with interesting people from all over the world, including authors, writers, artists, actors and comedians either virtually or in her home studio.

Swan said:

“I’m loving the opportunity to chat to and chuckle with interesting people – and to do it without leaving my house? Well, it’s perfection.”

The first episode of The ChrissieCast is available today on the Nova Player or wherever you get your podcasts. You can also hear The Chrissie Swan Show on the Nova Network weekday afternoons from 2-4pm.

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