Jazz Thornton’s Hope is Real podcast back for second season

Mental health advocate Jazz Thornton is back with a second podcast season of Hope Is Real, supporting young people worldwide to find hope in their everyday lives.

Released through the ZM podcast network, Thornton normalises the conversation around mental health with guests including Kiwi comedian Eli Matthewson, American women’s rugby player and TikTok star Ilona Maher, and Jazz’s most requested guest, her close friend and flatmate, Alicia.

Thornton said:

“The positive feedback I had on the first season of Hope is Real was truly amazing and it means a lot to me to be able to come back for a second season. I’m really looking forward to having some deep, at times confronting, important conversations with some incredible guests this season covering a range of topics including neurodivergence, body image and relationships.

 With this week being Mental Health Awareness Week, we’re reminded of the importance of prioritising our mental health. I hope this season continues to give listeners a space where they can feel less alone, find inspiration, and embrace hope.”

Hope Is Real releases new episodes every Thursday on iHeartRadio or wherever you get your podcasts.

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