Ngiyang podcast reclaiming the Wiradyuri language

As part of NAIDOC Week, NITV Radio has created a new podcast, Ngiyang, which tells the story of how the Wiradyuri language is being reclaimed by the people of central NSW.

Ngiyang gives multicultural and multilingual audiences a glimpse into the journey of reclaiming and reviving, teaching and learning the Wiradyuri language. The podcast is part of SBS’s Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), for NITV Radio to expand content in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages and use podcast content to promote language growth.

Hosted by Lowanna Grant, NITV Radio Executive Producer, Ngiyang features Wiradyuri language pioneer, Uncle Stan Grant Senior, and teachers and learners, speaking Wiradyuri language. Uncle Stan Grant Senior tells how his grandfather Wilfred Johnson taught him Wiradyuri language as a child and instructed him to keep the language alive.

Lowanna Grant is the granddaughter of Uncle Stan Grant Senior and has also studied Wiradyuri language, saying:

“I’m thrilled to share the stories in Ngiyang with all Australians because it records a part of our history – the reclamation and revival of Wiradjuri language.

Ngiyang celebrates what our Elders have achieved and what is being done to secure language and culture for the next generation of Wiradyuri people.

These are stories close to my heart, and it’s been a privilege to record my pop telling his story in his own words as well as speak to other Wiradyuri people about their language journey, and hopefully help more Australians connect meaningfully with the longest continuous culture on the planet.”

Each guest on the podcast’s story are told in first-person, sharing how they learned the language and favourite words or phrases. This includes other members of Uncle Stan Grant Senior’s family who were instrumental to the restoration of the Wiradyuri language and the development of the first Wiradyuri language dictionary.

Ngiyang is available on the SBS Audio App, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, LiSTNR and wherever you stream podcasts.

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