The Daily Aus releases three part podcast investigation into vaping

ARN’s iHeart and The Daily Aus have released Understanding Vaping, a three-part podcast series investigating the laws, loopholes and what vaping is doing to Australian’s lungs.

Zara Seidler, co-founder of The Daily Aus, said:

“Vaping has quickly become a major challenge, not just in school playgrounds but in politics. It’s an issue young people are directly and disproportionately impacted by, so we wanted to investigate how this has happened, and what happens from here.”

The series features discussions with experts, stakeholders and Ministers including Health Minister Mark Butler, Senator Matt Canavan, policy expert Associate Professor Becky Freeman, health expert Professor Emily Banks and toxicologist Dr Jody Moller.

Episode One – What is actually in a vape?

What’s actually in a vape? We’re sold a story that vapes are better for you than cigarettes and can help you quit smoking. But over the years, some conflicting evidence has begun to emerge. So what’s really in a vape and how dangerous is it? In episode one, The daily Aus go from the local tobacconist to the lab and speak to some of the most knowledgeable experts in the country to learn just how dangerous vaping can be.

Episode Two – How illegal are vapes?

We’ve known for some time that buying nicotine vapes over the counter has been illegal. So why are they still so easy to buy? And what’s slowed down progress on regulation? In episode two The Daily Aus look at the legal loopholes vape manufacturers have been using to keep their vapes on the shelves. They also head to Parliament House to hear from those trying to crack down on vapes, and those trying to get them legalised.

Episode Three – The forces trying to legalise vaping

In this episode, The Daily Aus look at the fight ahead. But when it comes to vape reform, there are forces at play beyond Parliament House. Diving a bit deeper to uncover the forces trying to legalise vaping, they uncover the role Big Tobacco plays. So why do companies which traditionally have made their money from selling cigarettes, want vapes to be more readily available? And will the Government be able to push through with their reforms, with a force like Big Tobacco working against them?

The three episodes of Understanding Vaping are available now on the link above, the free iHeart app or at

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