The Joe Rogan Experience still the #1 US podcast

Edison Research has released the top 50 US podcasts for Q1 2024 after interviewing more than 5000 weekly listeners aged 13+. The Joe Rogan Experience is still #1 with New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce in the top 5 for the first time at #4. The extraordinary rise of the Kelce brothers’ podcast can be attributed largely to Travis’s relationship with Taylor Swift.

With Triton releasing April’s Australian Podcast Ranker this week, and ARN/iHeart their top 15 podcast advertisers for Q1 2024, I thought it was worth looking at the US top ten and how much it resonates in Australia.

Firstly, Joe Rogan had been a Spotify exclusive up until February this year. As Spotify does not include themselves on the Australian Podcast Ranker he has never charted. Now his new contracts allows the podcast to be available on other platforms I would expect iHeart or the like to pick up access in Australia. Same for the Kelce brothers, or perhaps we aren’t that interested in American football in Australia for it to crack the top 200. We do pay attention to US News with Dateline NBC, No 5 on the US list, No 40 on the Australian Podcast Ranker. It doesn’t appear that The Daily, #3 podcast in America, is available on our Ranker either.

For as long as I can remember Stuff You Should Know has been in the Australian top 10. This month it dropped to 13. It was down 6 places to 10 in the US too.

Five of the US top ten is in the Australian top 50, the other five as mentioned are likely only absent due to not being available to our ranker.

Crime Junkie – US #2, Australian #12

Dateline NBC – US #5, Australia #40

SmartLess – US #8, Australia #19

Morbid – US #9, Australian #25

Stuff You Should Know – US #10, Australian #13

No Australian podcasts feature in the US top 50.

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