Toni Lodge and Ryan Jon Dunn to embark on 50+ hour livestream

Toni Lodge and Ryan Jon Dunn, from the Spotify Toni and Ryan podcast begin a marathon 50+ hour livestream this Friday July 7 at 9am. Each minute marks a Patreon member who has signed up and that number, and thus the livestream time, keeps growing.

Lodge and Dunn’s fans, called TARPers (an acronym of the name Toni and Ryan podcast) will hear the duo broadcasting from an Airbnb in Melbourne.

Toni said:

 “It’s going to be a really intense personal challenge and I’m flipping from feeling exhilarated to terrified. And a tiny bit offended because when I tell people we’re doing a marathon they say ‘not a running one obviously’ which thankfully, no, it’s not.”

Ryan said:

 “I’m still not sure if I’m excited or terrified. Toni googled if we could die, and she reckons we’re all good so let the livestream begin I guess.”

The Toni and Ryan podcast launched in August 2021 and signed a deal with Spotify last year to release episodes five days a week. The podcast’s video highlights have received more than one billion views across Instagram and Tiktok since launch. You can sign up for the livestream via Toni and Ryan’s website or their socials.


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