True crime on top of the Australian Podcast Ranker

Casefile True Crime has resumed top position on Triton Digital‘s Australian Podcast Ranker released today, with Hamish and Andy dropping to second and Shameless up two to third.

The top ten features an array of genres including crime, comedy, pop culture, news and catch-up radio with only one, Stuff You Should Know at No 9, produced outside Australia.

Mamamia have two podcasts in the top 10, Mamamia Out Loud 4th and No Filter 10th, with Shameless podcast hosts Michelle Andrews and Zara McDonald meeting while working there as writers. Mamamia also had the highest debut, with But Are You Happy? entering at No 23.

The start of the football season saw LiSTNR’s Triple M Footy AFL and NRL both jump up 21, to 24th and 62nd respectively. Shameless Media’s everyone has a secret climbed 73 to 35th. Producey, who only recently joined iHeart debut in the top hundred with two podcasts, Dyl and Friends 43rd and List Cloggers 59th.

Casefile True Crime which commenced January 2016, with the Australian man who is host managing to remain anonymous, released six new podcasts in this ranking period with over 2.5 million monthly downloads.

That so much of this top 100 are local made and produced is a positive for the Australian podcast, audio production and radio industries.

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