3 tips for a great radio ad.

abeshappyface_120by Abe Udy, Director @ Abe’s Audio.

Radio advertising is a powerful way to talk one-on-one with each listener, regardless of where they are, or what they’re doing.

Here are 3 tips for creating a radio ad that harnesses that power, and gets results! (Let’s share them with our clients!)

Tip 1. 
Keep the message simple.

If you can, have one single message, one offer, or one main ‘point to remember’ to the ad. And, if you do want to promote a number of specials, resist the temptation to turn the ad into a shopping list. 
Perhaps include the 2 or 3 best deals, and remind the listener of how much they’ll save. 
It’s sort of like trying to catch a bucketful of ping-pong balls thrown you – it’s pretty hard to grab any of them when there are so many options!
Keeping things clear and simple means the message is easier to digest and remember.

Tip 2. 
Less is more.

Don’t overfill the ad with too many words.
If you’ve got lots you’d like to say, remember tip 1 and keep the message clear and simple. Perhaps you could produce 2 or 3 ads, and rotate them over the length of the campaign?
Radio production is very affordable, so creating a series of ads will have minimal impact on your advertising budget. Saying less in each ad, and rotating multiple spots will result in your campaign being much more effective.

And tip number 3…. 
Use the right voice.
Casting the right voice in a radio ad is crucial; it’s the pictures in your press ad, the vision in your TV commercial.
And even spending just a few minutes narrowing down your preferred options before you send the script off-station to be voiced could make the world of difference to the finished spot.
Choosing the best voice for your ad is very important – after all, it’s that voice who is representing your brand. What should your brand sound like?

People connect with radio – make sure your ads connect with them.
 Abe Udy is a director at Abe’s Audio.