32 Ways Successful Sales People Use the Letter P

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The 32 Ways Successful Sales People Use the Letter P


    1.    Probe with questions

    2.    Pick up on important information

    3.    Pay attention to what clients / prospects say (and probably don’t say)

    4.    Know Professionalism always

    5.    Plan to win

    6.    Pack appointments into their week

    7.    Put the customer first

    8.    Practice and rehearse

    9.    Have a Positive can-do attitude

    10.    Are a People person

    11.    Promise little – deliver lots

    12.    Are Problem solvers

    13.    Persist

    14.    Prepare with research

    15.    Are Performance focussed

    16.    Put clients at ease

    17.    Prospect for new business constantly

    18.    Have great Product knowledge

    19.    Persuade

    20.    Present powerfully

    21.    Focus on Proactive not reactive behaviour

    22.    Push forward to gain outcomes

    23.    Pamper clients

    24.    Pick their fights

    25.    Positively promote themselves

    26.    Pass on referrals

    27.    Partner with clients

    28.    Propose ideas

    29.    Post regular blogs

    30.    Preach product benefits

    31.    Prevail over objections

    32.    Produce results

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About the author 

Stephen Pead is a media industry veteran of 30 years with significant experience in direct sales, sales management and general management. He is based in Sydney and specialises in helping SME’s market their businesses more effectively and providing training for salespeople and sales managers.
He can be contacted at [email protected]