Casey Kasem’s body – the story continues

The ongoing story of  Casey Kasem’s remains has become even weirder with the New York Times quoting a private detective alleging that the reason Jean Kasem flew the body to Montreal, listing a funeral home as the place of disposition, ( even though the funeral home denies receiving the body), is that Montreal is the home town of John Paul Gressy, a Canadian businessman rumored to be romantically involved with the widow.
The private investigator, Logan Clarke, asserts that Gressy has been living in Jean Kasem’s Malibu condo for months, and that “Neighbors have seen them holding hands and acting close. I welcome her to sue me if I’m wrong.”
Meanwhile, Kerri Kasem posted a message on Twitlonger about the situation, writing: “Let me clear a few things up. First of all, my Dad is not ‘missing’. Jean Kasem knows exactly where he is and she is HIDING him from his friends and family.
“If my father is buried in Montreal, Canada, a place my Dad has NO connection to, it just further proves that even in death as in life, Jean has tried to keep us away from our father. No matter what she does now … DAD IS ALWAYS WITH US.”
(No doubt to be continued)