Police investigate murder at Wichita radio station

It happened at a building that houses several radio stations. Around 8 a.m. Monday, an employee of the Mid America Ag Network arrived and found several items disturbed on the ground floor. Thinking there may have been a burglary, that person began checking other parts of the business. Moments later, a body was discovered in the basement.
Police arrived and determined the man died from blunt force trauma. There were also signs of a struggle.
He’s been identified as 25-year-old Daniel J. Flores, (pictured) a KGSO employee who had been with the station for about two years.
According to police, Flores had worked on the radio station’s automation system, audio and computers. He worked Sunday, but was scheduled to leave around 9 or 10 p.m. that night. Lt. Todd Ojile said he was usually the last to leave, and that no one works there overnight.
Lt. Ojile said there are several doors that lead into the building, but no signs of forced entry. There are also no security cameras on the premises, so police are unsure how or where the suspect entered. They believe the suspect had gone to the building for a reason, but it’s not clear if Flores was the target.
At the time of writing no weapon has been recovered. Police currently have no leads and no arrests have been made.