Radio hosts suspended for saying on-air killings of TV journalists was hoax

Two Missouri radio show personalities were suspended for an unspecified period of time for suggesting the on-camera murder of two Virginia TV journalists was a hoax intended to increase support for stronger gun laws.
Joe Rios, the host of call-in show “Cracker Barrel,” and Rick Masters, his telephone screener, made the inappropriate remarks on Aug. 30 just four days after WDBJ7 reporter Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward (pictured) were killed during a live segment.
Rex Hansen, the manager of three local radio stations in southwest Missouri, issued on on-air apology last week for his employees’ comments that were “not factual, disrespectful and downright wrong.”
He said: “Well, unfortunately two people died. The camera man and his anchor partner. That was a fact.”
Which it was.