Can Commando and Michelle be corrupted?

This morning Commando Steve & Michelle Bridges joined Nathan, Nat & Shaun on Perth’s Nova 93.7 for what they thought would be a normal, non-greasy interview.

Instead, being Friday, they walked into Nathan, Nat and Shaun’s weekly segment disgracing recipes and frying up just about anything – Deep Fryday.

This week, the team had prepared Corn on the Cob, slathered in batter and deep fried in hot oil!

Despite some serious encouragement from Nathan, even deep-frying a healthy vegetable wasn’t enough to get the Commando & Michelle to participate.

The Commando’s catchphrase is ‘there are no excuses’, but it seems Deep Fryday isn’t enough to get Steve & Michelle to turn to the fried side.

“It stinks” and “I just had a cold shiver” weren’t exactly inspiring words from the Commando.

Nat reflected “What you will be able to smell in the room, is the judgment, so thanks guys!”

With the Deep Fryday scoring system beginning at 10/10, Corn on the Cob came to a modest score of 20/10.

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