Radio reporter stabbed to death in central Somalia

There’s another job for a radio reporter just opened up in Somalia. The job is no longer held by Abdirizak Said Osman (pictured), because he’s been stabbed to death by unknown attackers at around 11 p.m. as he left Voice of Peace, a local radio station in the city of Galkayo.
Apparently Osman had recently done several reports for Voice of Peace about the decline in the security situation in the region, alluding to the terrorist methods used by the Islamist rebel group Al-Shabaab.
Somalia continues to be the deadliest country for reporters in sub-Saharan Africa, with a total of 11 killed since 2015, eight of them the victims of terrorism. Those responsible for the execution-style murders of journalists are rarely identified and brought to justice – a situation that exposes journalists to the worst atrocitie