Radio station broadcasts an attempted carjacking live on air

The unbelievable moment was captured on 612 ABC Brisbane just after 9.30pm when a woman called to discuss her hair pin collection.
The woman was heard discussing her collection when she was interrupted by two men yelling and swearing.
Host David Curnow (pictured) quickly put the call on hold, unsure of what had just taken place.
He said later he’d learned the woman had been sitting her car with her husband at an SES (State Emergency Service) depot waiting for their son to finish a training session.
He said what he heard turned out to be a man allegedly trying to get into their car. However they managed to scare the man off.
Curnow told the ABC: “We were worried for her but also not sure what had happened. We chased her up. It just came out of nowhere … it  just suddenly cut in, she stopped talking … I thought I was getting a crossed line.
“I put it on hold and told the producer to check to see if she was OK. She said she was shaken up and that she’s called police.”