RDL introduces a suite of Dante-enabled products for higher quality audio

Most broadcast and audio technicians have heard of Radio Design Labs, (RDL).

But have you heard for Dante?

Established in 1986, RDL designs and manufacturers application-specific products used in audio and video installations, broadcast and recording facilities. All RDL products, except power supplies, are made in the United States, are CE and RoHS compliant and carry a three-year warranty. Manufacturing and packaging employ environmentally safe, recyclable materials and processes. RDL accepts end-of-life returns of all RDL modules for full recycling. 

RDL’s compact, single-function modules allow easy expansion of audio and video systems. Radio Design Labs (RDL) electronics, audio, video, and control products are used in many commercial sound, distributed audio, broadcast AV, video, and studio recording applications. RDL’ s advanced technologies create high quality sound and systems that are easier to control and work more reliably.

And now, a suite of Dante-enabled products has been introduced by RDL, which offers nearly 70 different models to choose from.  They interface standard microphone, line-level, Bluetooth and digital audio signals, and offer a variety of standard audio jacks and terminal block connectors.  These interfaces are available in multiple form factors and include a large assortment of optional mounting accessories for mounting virtually anywhere.

For additional system design flexibility, RDL’s Dante interfaces can be integrated with RDL’s Format-A family of products.  Format-A products send and receive analog audio signals over standard CATx network cables, but do not reside on the network.  There are over 70 Format-A products available, all with studio quality performance.  This connectivity provides familiar, quick and easy installation, and the audio signals can travel up to 800 meters (3,000 feet), which greatly exceeds the audio network distance limitation of 100 meters between switches.  In addition to being a great stand-alone system, Format-A provides an economical way to segue from an analog system to a Dante system by simply adding one or several RDL Dante/Format-A hybrid interfaces.  This concept is ideal for customers who wish to expand their audio systems in the future, or if their desired Dante products (i.e.: DSP units) aren’t currently available due to the industries chip shortage.

RDL Interfaces with Dante add flexibility, economy and simplicity to Dante networked audio systems. The Format-A and Dante integration will simplify installations and reduce equipment costs.

RDL Bluetooth Audio Dante Interface, D-Series Wall-Mounted Bi-Directional Line-Level and Bluetooth Audio Dante Interface is ideal for use in a wide variety of applications including corporate, hospitality, education, fitness facilities or anywhere a high-quality Bluetooth audio interface is required. Three colour options (white, black, stainless steel) are available to match nearly any decor. The installer can customize the module name and programming password through the Bluetooth connection using a smartphone, computer or tablet terminal program. These modules feature studio-quality circuits and analogue filters to provide audio performance exceeding expectations from consumer interface technologies. This interface was designed for commercial applications.  Simply push the “Pair” button to pair a smart phone, computer or tablet, and follow the prompts on the smart device’s screen.


This unit will automatically unpair 30 seconds after the user device leaves the area, or it may be manually disconnected by pressing the “Pair” button again.  This pairing design is ideal for commercial applications where there are multiple users throughout the day. High performance, simplicity of operation and efficiency of installation make RDL the best value in professional Bluetooth interfaces.

RDL Audio Isolation Transformers are products that easily convert balanced/unbalanced signals, add control, and remove ground hum for clean, clear sound.

RDL Microphone Preamps are perfect for any system application including corporate and hospitality meeting rooms, houses of worship, educational facilities, courtrooms and other municipal venues, broadcast and recording studios, restaurants, sports and entertainment venues and more.  RDL Headphone Amplifiers are low noise and are used to drive headphones from almost any audio source.

Joel Bump, president of RDL, said: “We have a unique position as a US manufacturer of economical, high-quality wall-mounted preamps and jack plates, as well as having a devoted following in the digital audio and studio markets, to incorporate Dante connectivity.”

Bharath Narasimmaiah AVW Group Marketing and Communications Manager said, As the inventor high-quality audio, video and control modules, RDL continues to lead the industry with solutions to specific problems as well as building blocks of quality system designs.

RDL products are perfect solutions and most sought-after product for mixing, switching, interfacing, and routing sound sources such as paging, voice announcements, recorded music, digital messages, wireless Bluetooth, emergency communications, speech, and sound masking.

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