KIIS Summer Drive with Zach & Dom

The KIIS Network‘s Up Late with Zach & Dom team will drive you home from Monday December 4 with banter, epic prizes and legendary guests in eh network’s summer lineup.

Zach & Dom’s Zach Mander said:

“In the wake of Kyle and Jackie O’s historic 10-year deal, we’ve signed radio’s shortest deal – and we’re going to make the most of these 2 weeks. The show will be just like a summer road trip. Great chats, great music, and probably a few breakdowns.”

Dominic Fay added:

“I’ve had three dreams in my life. To know the love of a woman, earn my father’s respect, and do the national drive show. So it’s really exciting to be able to hit 1/3 now.”

The show will broadcast until December 15 across The KIIS Network from 4-6pm, on select ARN Regional stations from 5-7pm or the iHeart app.

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