​HIT 104.7’s ratings plummet in latest Canberra radio ratings, but don’t blame Bryce

ABC Radio Canberra is back on top in breakfast, MIX 106.3’s Wilko and Courts are Canberra’s favourite presenters and HIT 104.7 has taken a massive tumble in the ratings – but you can’t blame Bryce.

The results of the first Canberra radio ratings in a year were released on Wednesday, showing sister station MIX 106.3 has taken top spot from Hit 104.7, which saw its ratings share fall almost 10 percentage points in a year, from 20.6 per cent to 11.2 per cent.

MIX 106.3 had 18 per cent of the market followed by ABC Radio Canberra (15.1 per cent), HIT 104.7 (11.2 per cent), Radio National (10.3 per cent), JJJ (9.6 per cent), and 2CA (8.4 per cent).

Hit 104.7’s breakfast presenters Ned Breward and Josh Torney saw their audience virtually half, falling from a top spot of 18.9 last survey to 9.5 per cent.