Yumi Stynes sobs on-air as her pregnant co-host breaks down in tears on R U OK? Day

Radio host Monty Dimond was left distraught during an emotional conversation about her late mother for R U OK? Day on Thursday.
The 39-year-old radio host was asked how she was feeling by her colleague, Yumi Stynes, during their KIIS radio show, 3pm PickUp.
‘The state of my heart, in all honesty, today and has been for some time, is equal split of joy and complete heartbreak,’ said Monty, before breaking down in tears. ‘Because, I’m growing a baby that I’m so excited about… but I don’t have my mum here to do it with me. 

‘And I’m scared, and I don’t know how to do this life without my mum, but I’m doing it.