bay 93.9 Music Director/ Announcer

Okay, so we’re sharing a sanga in the bay 93.9 kitchen this week (debating a mighty Cats season comeback), and out of the blue, our long-term Music Director/Announcer says he’s breaking up with us and leaving for a career change. Sure, we’re going to stay friends, catch up for coffee, reminisce, laugh about the fun times – but this puts us on the market looking for a Music Director / Announcer to swipe right on.

So, a bit about us. We like long walks on Eastern Beach, watching the great Cats 2022 premiership-winning replay, and bringing our dog to work day. We love Geelong, the Surf Coast and Bellarine, and are passionate about the part we each play in the excellent team culture created within the Geelong Broadcasters organisation.

Our perfect match is:

  • Energetic, a bit cheeky, and always up for fun.
  • A whiz on G-Selector who takes pride in crafting killer logs and form guides.
  • Excellent on the air, with a natural, warm sound that is on point for the bay 93.9 target audience of 35-54 with a female lean.
  • You know that hosting solo means the listener is your co-host and you work the phones beautifully.
  • You appreciate the importance of being local: talking about, reflecting, immersing yourself in, living and breathing, the market.
  • You’re a fantastic human. We could say we’re like family here, and while that sounds a cliche, we kind of are. That means we look out for, and look after, each other, so you’d want to be up for a work environment like that.
  • You know Zetta, Audata, and maybe V-Creative.
  • Our values will resonate with you, and you’re eager to put them into practice daily:
    • We CARE for our listeners, clients, and each other.
    • We are BOLD, progressive, courageous, and curious.
    • And we are REAL, authentic, owing our own actions without ego.

We don’t care if you’re male, female, 10 feet tall, 2 feet tall, or where you’re from – if you tick the boxes above, we’re keen to chat with you.

bay 93.9 is live and local radio at its best, with an on-air team broadcasting from state-of-the-art studios in the heart of Geelong, playing music that makes you feel good, with a fully staffed local news operation.

So, our index finger is poised. Let us know why we should swipe right on you, and we might be hanging out in beautiful Geelong before you can say ‘’Go Catters!

Keen? Of course you are! Send your CV, cover letter, and a recent on-air demo to: [email protected]

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