Head of ABU Media Academy

The ABU is seeking to recruit a high-calibre professional as HEAD OF ABU MEDIA ACADEMY, taking over in May/ June 2023.

This is one of the most senior positions in the ABU Secretariat.

The HEAD OF ABU MEDIA ACADEMY reports directly to the Secretary-General, and is responsible for the overall management, supervision and development of the ABU MEDIA ACADEMY

Position Summary

  • Position Title : Head, ABU Media Academy
  • Tenure Status : Contract Appointment
  • Salary Range : Negotiable
  • Department : Secretary-General’s Department
  • Location : Based at the ABU Secretariat in Kuala Lumpur 

Job Summary

The Head, ABU Media Academy is responsible for all the services that ABU develops and provides to members using the ABU Media Academy platform including in-person, virtual or hybrid training activities/events. The ABU Media Academy employs international experts in relevant areas to support the activities of the academy including local staff from Malaysia. The Media Academy operates under the SG’s department and works closely with other departments to support in planning and implementation of capacity building activities.


Reporting Relationships

  • Reports to: Secretary-General
  • Leads: Programme Manager and other staff under media academy
  • Functional Relationships: Directors of other departments and Heads of other functional units within the organisation. 


Responsibilities and Duties

  • Manage the overall activities of the ABU Media Academy, including the online platform and work programme.
  • Lead and direct the activities of ABU Media Academy, including human and financial resources ensuring compliance with organisational regulations and rules.
  • Develop the ABU Media Academy strategy, policies and programs in line with the ABU’s training objectives to develop Members’ capacity in management, content production, news, sports and technology.
  • Be proactive in mentoring and monitoring the team in achieving the assigned goals while constantly seeking ways to improve and enhance the range of services offered to members.
  • Lead and empower to build the capacity of the team to improve their commitment, and drive change to achieve the required objectives.
  • Ensure that all the ABU Media Academy’s programmes are based on cutting-edge innovation and best practice.
  • Design the ABU Media Academy’s annual program as a mix of on-line and face-to-face formats for regional, in-country and organisation-specific activities that support the ABU Training Action Plan and ensure that the training priorities of ABU News, Sport, Programming and Technology & Innovation are reflected in it.
  • Establish a dedicated ABU Media Academy team and provide leadership for state-of-the art training practices.
  • Provide leadership and administrative management to implement the ABU Media Academy strategy.
  • Implement the ABU Media Academy’s activity programme by coordinating with other departments of the ABU, the ABU members and experts/trainers to design and deliver training modules.
  • Oversee the development of the training modules.
  • Prepare and distribute schedules of distance learning resources, such as course offerings, classrooms, laboratories and other facilities and special requirements like equipment, etc.
  • Prepare and manage ABU Media Academy annual budget in cooperation with the ABU’s departments.
  • Prepare operational budgets for training modules, progress and final reports for the implementation of on-line and face-to-face and collect feedback about implemented training activities.
  • Negotiate with training units or instructors and vendors to ensure cost-effective and high-quality e-learning programmes, services, or courses.
  • Conduct surveys and analyse feedback data to assess the quality and impact of training modules and adapt them to Members’ and ABU Department’s needs.
  • Develop and update a database of trainees and resource persons.
  • Develop a blueprint for introducing diploma and degree-level training programmes and certification procedures in Broadcast Media, with a view to including Masters-level programmes in media areas including Masters in Broadcast Media Management Degree.
  • Engage reputable universities and other professional institutions to provide certification mechanisms for the above-mentioned training programmes.
  • Write and submit grant applications for project proposals to secure funding for distance learning programs.
  • Monitor developments in e-learning to further enhance and develop the means for reaching ABU’s educational and outreach goals.
  • Provide technical or logistical support to users of e-learning classrooms, equipment, websites, or services.
  • Create and maintain a dedicated ABU Online Academy website to support the Academy annual programme and communicate technical or marketing information about e-learning via relevant and appropriate channels and means.
  • Develop and maintain strong relationships with other broadcasting unions and organisations in support of the ABU, to meet the interests of the members and the international industry environment as necessary.
  • Publish monographs and articles on topics related to media training and development and best practices within the industry from time to time as required.
  • Be forward-looking in attitude, progressive in approach and be open and able to imbibe and carry out new ideas.
  • Ensure that sound advice is provided to ABU members seeking advice on training requirements, together with direct assistance through the Media Academy platform as needed.
  • Plan and execute annual ABU Media Academy Forum meetings and associated activities as required for proper functioning.
  • Establish and maintain successful inter-personal relationships and communication with staff members within the Secretariat.
  • Act as the representative of ABU in the Asia Pacific region and other international gatherings when required, including promoting the active participation of members in the work of ABU.
  • Carry out other duties that the ABU Secretary-General may assign from time to time.





  • Advanced degree in adult education, distance education or related field.
  • Minimum of five years’ experience working and supporting media training or/and e- learning programme.
  • Proven experience successfully managing and providing leadership for a team.
  • Proven experience developing innovative programmes across the full range of media training and e-learning.
  • Ability and experience in preparing proposals directed at regional and international organisations and funding agencies.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Experience working with Learning Management Systems, particularly Moodle, Blackboard or similar platforms.
  • Advanced proficiency in Microsoft Office package (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook) and knowledge on software tools like MS Visio, Photo and Video Editing applications will be preferred.
  • Excellent command in English Language both spoken and written.



  • Proven record of successful fundraising and building partnerships with relevant stakeholders is an advantage.
  • Training and experience in Project Development and Management.
  • Knowledge and experience in Web Technologies, online Streaming of Video and Audio.
  • Experience in teaching in adult education is an advantage.
  • Good understanding of New Media platforms and integration with social media.
  • Recognised contributions and presentations to international conferences and forums.


Selection Criteria (Key requirements)


  • Meet the mandatory academic and working experience requirements.
  • International experience in the development and management of training programmes specifically related to media.
  • A self-starter who drives change and leads in thought processes.
  • Good understanding of project management techniques and associated financial budgeting and reporting systems.
  • Experience in living and working within the Asia-Pacific region and with people of different ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

Personal Skills 

  • High standard of English language, spoken and written.
  • High standard of presentation preparation and delivery experience.
  • Ability to organise and prioritise work and complete tasks under tight timelines.
  • Proven ability to work with minimum supervision.
  • Ability to manage staff with different ethnic and cultural backgrounds.



You application should accompany the following:

  1. Detailed CV listing the work history and academic qualifications including two referees.
  2. Cover letter (maximum 1200 words) outlining why the candidate believes they can successfully fill this role.
  3. Copies of Educational/Academic certificates and other documents to support your application.
  4. Recent photograph (passport size, not older than six months from application date).

Please note that only shortlisted candidates will be notified via email.

The deadline for applications is 15th February 2023, and should be sent via email to the Secretary-General’s office at: [email protected]

Click here to download the position description.

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