Job Wanted in Radio Announcing / Production Work / Sales / Any Media Work

This isn’t the usual radio job listing, this is a job wanted advert. Hi my name is Mitchell Vogt; I come from a small regional town in NSW and I am looking to get my foot in the door in the radio / music field.

Currently I am enrolled in the Certificate 4 of Screen And Media through TAFE NSW and plan to study via the online course. I have also completed two courses online –  Introduction To Radio through the Adelaide Radio School Online and also Radio Fundamentals Online which was done through the Australian Film And Radio School – both completed at the end of September 2020.

Previously I have volunteered my time at a number of community radio stations both in NSW and also in Victoria, in which I was very successful at that time. During my 10-plus years in the community radio field I have done a number of tasks including announcing on-air, planning and programming a show within the radio guidelines, doing on-air interviews. I also was involved in the production of voice-overs, weather reports, music editing and also sponsors using different computer software such as Audacity, and Adobe Audition with which I am familiar. I was also overseeing new trainees for their first time on air as well.

I have wanted to get into the music field for the most part of 15 years now, and have up-skilled and volunteered my time in community radio in that time to get my dream job without success, so this is my next step. I am willing to move for any position even if it is casual, part time or full time and I will move ANYWHERE.

I have a copy of a demo and also an air-check on hand if anyone would like to request this feel free to contact me on the contact details below.

So if you have a job for me please don’t hesitate to contact me on 0490 544 795 to discuss further or email me at [email protected].

All correspondence will be handled with the utmost confidence and replied to immediately.

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