​ABC Classic FM’s new imaging uses presenters’ DNA

ABC Classic FM have partnered with Eardrum, the radio and audio specialist agency, to create musical compositions based on the DNA of the network’s presenters.
Using the presenters’ genetic attributes and musical influences, composer Bruce Heald has created unique personal scores. ABC Classic FM will broadcast these original themes, performed by the Australian Chamber Orchestra in the coming weeks, giving listeners a special glimpse into the lives of their favourite presenters.
Taking on the task of rebranding ABC Classic FM, Eardrum wanted to capture the essence of the network in music themes that would be able to be used on air in a range of contexts. 
Creative director Ralph van Dijk believed that the best way to do this was to represent the networks’ personal connection with listeners in the identities of ABC Classic FM – the presenters, the people who give context, share knowledge and help to make the music ‘live’ for listeners. The idea was built on increasing listenership for weekday daytime programs.
From the initial idea of ‘music and life’ Eardrum explored the notion of creating music from our presenters’ ‘DNA’ – the visible characteristics determined by their genetic code (for example, a detached earlobe, a Roman nose, a widow’s peak etc.) – then assigning musical note to these characteristics.  In this way a ‘genotype scale’ was created that included the notes needed for each presenter. In addition, some of the musical tastes, talents and preferences of the presenters came into the picture.
Manager Richard Buckham says, “The challenge was to create music that could sit alongside the music that features on our network. We believe that what makes ABC Classic FM distinctive and unique is the personal connection that presenters have with listeners in a shared love of music. Our presenters were intrigued and delighted by the fun, ‘faux scientific’ process and the results of expressing their personal characteristics in music. Obviously we were also absolutely thrilled by the participation of the Australian Chamber Orchestra in this project.”
In conjunction with the theme of classical music as an integral part of life ABC Classic FM has launched a new strapline; WHERE MUSIC LIVES.  Click here for more.

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