​CRA says letter from Minister is old news

A story published in today’s Australian Financial Review to bring readers up to speed with the PPCA copyright dispute, due at the Copyright Tribunal this week, referred to a letter from Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull to regional MPs.

Many MPs had contacted Mr Turnbull for guidance after fielding complaints from constituents that their local station had been forced to shut down internet streaming.

Mr Turnbull who has been urged by some in the radio industry to intervene in the dispute, wrote, “The creation of a legislative instrument to resolve a commercial dispute between two parties would result in the government effectively creating an unfair regulatory environment that serves to favour the business model of traditional radio broadcasters over the internet content providers and lead to a competitive disadvantage model between the two mediums.”

CEO of Commercial Radio Australia, Joan Warner told radioinfo, “The letter referred to from the Minister in a recent article appears to contain information from the end of last year.”  

“One thing that has not changed is the PPCA’s approach to the issue – that is to instigate aggressive legal action rather than a ‘commercial, amicable negotiation.’ Their aim appears to be to prosecute their preferred high cost, per listener, per track, per listening episode scheme as quickly as possible.  Local regional stations are keeping their local members informed as the situation develops,”  said Ms Warner.

Read the Financial Review article here.

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