​Lawsie still on top… at least online

Earlier in the week we published some numbers from 2SM that showed that John Laws was far and away the most listened to announcer in his time slot with people listening online – even eclipsing the formidable Ray Hadley who is by far and away the most popular morning announcer on traditional radio.
Some of 2SM’s rivals were so incredulous they asked us to do a recount. Which, we have. Hence, the story’s back up.
According to the website SHOUTcast, which is one of several sites that measure online audiences, Lawsie from 9:30 onwards dominates every 10 minute period that SHOUTcast monitors – peaking at 808 listeners at 11:10 am. See chart below.
Ray needn’t worry, that’s 808 listeners total – not x ‘000 or even x ’00. And this represents listeners from all over Australia who tune in to a  station via computer or mobile device.
Still, the question remains, how could John Laws possibly command a bigger audience than every other station on the list?
Our guess is that for the better part of about 40 years of his almost 60 in radio, he was the undisputed king, heard right around the nation from Port Augusta to Port Hedland. He still has fans that miss him.


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