​Logitek Increases IP Audio Networking Capacity With JetStream Plus

Logitek Electronic Systems released the JetStream Plus, with dense 240-channel AoIP networking at the recent NAB exhibition held in Las Vegas.

Occupying only 4 rack units, the JetStream Plus provides ample audio I/O for both rack rooms and big studios, and can operate multiple Logitek digital consoles simultaneously.

As with Logitek’s JetStream Mini, the JetStream Plus offers high density I/O that is configurable by the user to precisely tailor audio and networking requirements with a minimum of components and with minimal rack space.

Fifteen card slots are provided for analog inputs, digital inputs, analog outputs, digital outputs, SDI inputs and microphone preamps. A drop-down front panel makes access to cards easy, and redundant power supplies ensure robust performance.

Any size Logitek console (Pilot, ROC, Mosaic, Artisan or vMix+) can be accommodated, and up to 4 consoles (36 faders total) may be operated via the JetStream Plus.
The JetStream Plus readily interfaces to many hard disk audio playout systems as well as TV program automation control systems. It also connects directly to the studio-size JetStream Mini, allowing users to build a fully integrated facility via IP networking with a minimum of hardware.

“A primary goal with JetStream Plus was to minimize Ethernet system complexity in a broadcast facility,” said Tag Borland, Logitek president. “This ultra-dense AoIP node allows users to centralize their I/O and easily connect a console or other controller with a single cable. We recognized that equipment rooms tend to be tight on space, so we made our use of space as efficient as possible, and completely flexible for the user.”

All Logitek products are made in the USA, with final assembly and testing taking place in Logitek’s Houston, Texas facility. Logitek Australia provides local distribution, installation and support and has been working with Logitek product for more than a decade.
Photo supplied: Tag Borland, President Logitek Electronic Systems; Craig Wilson, General Manager, Logitek Australia; at the Logitek User Group meeting at NAB 2014.