​New study proves radio’s effectiveness

Latest research from Nielsen Catalina Solutions (NCS) in the United States has been hailed as the first “true single-source radio effectiveness capability that measures response to advertising in the form of sales.”

The study is reported to have found that each dollar of ad spend generated an average sales return of $6 from listeners in the 28 days after they heard the ads.

finchannel.com reports: For the study, NCS reviewed the effectiveness of radio advertising by looking at the impact of specific ad campaigns across 10 brands—eight consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands and two retail brands. To reach its findings, NCS used a combination of data collected from Nielsen Portable People Meters (PPMs) and information from 60 million shopper households to arrive at a single-source methodology that measured the specific media buys of the 10 brands across all radio commercials measured by Media Monitors on national and local stations.

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