​Taj the Spaniel: Top Dog of Perth Breakfast Radio

While stations bicker over who’s number one AM or FM, the undisputed number one dog in Perth, in fact, Australia, is Taj. 

Also known as Taj the psycho spaniel, he works on 720 ABC’s Breakfast with his two-legged off-sider, Eoin Cameron. 

As the showbiz saying goes, never work with kids or animals and Eoin never misses an opportunity to defame the animal lest he takes over as best in show.

Now the precocious pooch, who has very much claimed the ABC studios as his own (below left), has been given his own Twitter account, @PsychoSpaniel, and has been tweeting up a storm while gathering fans along the way.

The dog may be a bit of a psycho, but he’s also a hero.

A couple of years ago When Eoin Cameron (left) was approached by some less-than-desirables in Perth City, it was man’s best friend that came to his rescue, warding off three hoons who approached him in Northbridge while he was on an early morning walk.
Following his impressive show of bravery, Taj was awarded a certificate of appreciation (above right) by the WA Police Force. While Taj appreciated the appreciation award, which was personally signed by Police Commissioner Karl O’Callaghan, he was not so impressed with the police cocker spaniel who accompanied the presenting officers.

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